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Rondie Pottinger

Founder of Jamaica Good Life:

Born in the impoverished countryside of Jamaica, Rondie Pottinger has been emotionally connected to its supple landscape since birth, its imagery has become his language.

Since he has come to the United States, he has mastered his own unique approach as a graphic artist, extending his expression into a variety of styles and media. In every work, he strives to bring with him the verdant spirit that lives in his blood and heart.

Rondie Pottinger was born in 1973 in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica. He moved to the United States at the age of fifteen, where he attended High School in Brooklyn, New York. He later went on to attend the University of Rochester where he majored in computer science and electrical engineering. For 15 years, he has been one of the most sought-after and respected graphic artists in New York City for his technical prowess, but it is his uniquely individual vantage point that has added a depth to his work that cannot be found elsewhere.


"the more we see ourselves, is the more we love ourselves"
Rondie Pottinger


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Comments on Rondie Pottinger's work

You know Rondie since I've discovered you I’ve been visiting your page often and I read everything you wrote on it. Well, let's see if I can explain in English what I feel about you. It's true that "almost" all artists have a raised soul but you are not only a good artist, but you also are a good person with deep feelings and great wisdom that makes you special and I'm glad to know about you...   •   Your eyes are pertinent, and your vision straight and out of complexes...thanks for your time and inspiration in keeping all this spirit and soul of humanity evolving...your way to developing graphics and dimensions of colors in a cultural and roots perceptions are just extremely right...I just recognize my deep fears, and dreams in your work, my wishes and efforts to grow in harmony with the universe...


Your artwork is AMAZING! It transcends what I know to be real and opens my mind to a different place and time.   •   I love your work. It's bold. I love the colors and shade you used to bring contrast. Some of the photographs are almost painterly and/or do have a graphic design quality. Just love it.   •   Stunning work!   •   Your work is truly unique   •   Your work is truly refreshing   •   I’m glad to be able to get to know your work, it's quite impressive!   •   Your work is pleasantly provocative, yet painfully passionate, while at the same time a peaceful portrait   •   I am mesmerized by your beautiful works. You are beyond talented   •   The pix...your creativity...exciting! Inspiring! Breathe-able! Keep growing!   •   Your art is wonderful.   •    Beautiful artwork pieces; a pleasure to be around your circle   •   I love your work. Beautiful!!   •   You’re one of a kind,   •   wow!!!   •   The photos are real eye-openers to our inner soul.   •   Your art is so divinely inspired. This is the first time my heart has been opened by a myspace page. You are a blessing to create with your work    •   You’re amazing!!!   •   My friend, this work is truly phenomenal. Amazing!   •   Your creativity inspires and motivates my inner being!!!   •   Your work is very moving...poetic.   •   Your work is amazing!!!    •    Your work is simply beautiful!   •   Your work is striking.  Very powerful.   •   Your photographs are really stunning..   •   I love your photographs!!! Love em!   •   Your art is just beautiful to me... Rondi's you are truly gifted, keep exploring your gift, we're watching...   •   Your work is so that it brings silence to mouth and makes me lose my breath   •   The mastery of your gift is breathtaking the way in which you capture the spirit of the moment of beauty and grace is captivating thank you for sharing your soul for it is more valuable than any physical gold   •   Your images are so powerful.   •   wow!!!   •   Your pics are stunning they are so vivid! I loved your work!   •   Your work is something else!   •   Thanks for introducing me to your unbelievably beautiful work. 'The good son' brought tears to my eyes, so heartfelt.   •   Your work is amazing. I love your style, the moments, and the ideas you have captured and explored.   •   The moments you have captured have set them free.   •   Haven't seen art like yours that inspires me for a long time!! wow!!!   •   Really love your work, brilliant   •   you are a very talented artist, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.   •   I love your work!!!!!   •   Really love the work   •   Your work is truly inspiring and uplifting   •   I really like your work.   •   I find a peaceful place here. So Fung Shui   •   You've got some inspiring stuff.   •   Bonsoir. I like your works, de belles photos. Paix   •   I really like your work. I haven't spent this much time checking out one person’s page in a long time.   •   Absolutely beautiful... breathtaking. Thank you for finding me! You are a diamond in the rough   •   How do you get inspiration to create such wonderful artsiticcccccc stuff.  They are so coolllllllll   •   OMG I love your work. I like the way you capture moments in time. They say a million words. Please keep me posted. I can't wait to see more   •   Wow...amazingly beautiful work! I'm nearly moved to tears....and you have given me new inspiration!!! Thank you :)   •   You are a master of your art.  Keep it on'   •   My favorite is Heaven Gates. It's so beautiful and peaceful to me :)   •   Your work is a masterpiece and I must say I will be in touch to purchase your work as gifts   •   Simply stunning blend of mediums.. I warmly embrace it.   •   I love the spirit of your art   •   Your work is amazing, I really love it, it's like the poetry of life   •   Your work is extraordinary   •   I have visited your page several times already this morning and again but different every time I AM MOVED. We should all love ourselves and our homeland so much as you do by capturing the ones you love in your work. Brilliant and Beautiful. Thank you, Brother, for sharing your gift with me.   •   Your work is superb. I really enjoy them. keep bringing beauty to the world!!   •   Your work is very impressive!   •   Amazing pics, I really like it, particularly "Jesus is coming" & "big man" & "big woman"   •    WOW...Great that you found me...Beautiful work that you're doing...Blessings and Light..- love your creativity & style.   •   I love your work; it’s amazing and inspiring. Seriously I am like tripping out here haha. I like your concepts.   •   I really love your work. Many emotions.   •   Rondi thanks for adding me to your myspace. Doing so has swollen my heart and made my eyes so keen for the beauty you see and poses within. Your gift is a blessing to me and I thank God for allowing me to take part in that gift.   •   blessings Rondi...your works of art continue to be captivating. it is amazing witnessing how you enhance the visual perceptions of life and then make art of it :]   •   absolutely love your pictures and your way with graphics. One of my faves is the blue one with the silhouettes... Father & Son. I look forward to seeing lots of new and exciting art in times to come!   •   Your work captures something pure...thank you for sharing it with us.   •   Really incredible pictures!   •   Your work is absolutely amazing!   •  I truly admire your artwork and photography, you are blessed with such talent.  Continue to be an inspiration to others through your work.  It speaks of love and passion for life.   •   Beautiful.   •   Love, I can be here in your world for hours and hours...Your work has a voice   •   a story to tell and be told. The father and son piece is one of my favorites. I really shouldn't say that because they all have a place in my soul   •   and for that, I say thank you. I'm very pleased to meet you.   •   We especially like the 3 " The spiritual one" photography. Very intense...   •   You have majestic pieces   •   Beautiful art...I love it so much.   •   Meaningful images, moving Artwork Thanks for finding me.   •   thank you for your beautiful words, I think I don't have to tell you how much we appreciate you and how precious you are to us. I admire you as well as your work.   •   Your work is 2 beautiful 4 words. It is an honor 2 be your friend   •   Your work is beautiful and very strong,   •   Love your images! Resurrection is beautiful and haunting...very cool.   •   Really impressed with your work and the spirit that guides it.   •   UR WORK IS FANTABULOUS!   •   You have some really stunning images there! The good son is amazing!   •   Your work is awesome, flawless, and mesmerizing... honored to be a friend.   •   Your site is the epitome of tranquility and yet the provoker of powerful thoughts.  Thanks for the visual enlightenment and the ad...!love   •   I love your artwork!!!!!!! wow, you beamed me into higher spheres with your artwork!!!! pure light!!!! thanks, c.   •   I really love your work...!!! it's truly amazing..!!   •   love your work! Very cultural!   •   Loving your work gives me a feeling... sensation of power... I guess what I'm trying to say is your work is very powerful ;)   •   your work is deeply moving.  You have an eye for the soul and it speaks.  Subtle and intense.   •   I love your artistic visions and creations man.  Looking forward to seeing more.   •   Merci beaucoup pour la request and friendship! One of a kind !!!! leaving me speechless!!! more than Awesome! keep in touch   •   Absolutely Magnificent!   •   You do great work! Your balance between documentary and art is very good. I like your choice of colors!   •   Man, I am in awe just looking & staring at your works... Dope! they're fantastic.. my admiration for your work my friend!   •   Your profile picture of father and son is absolutely beautiful. It is almost an exact copy of a very vivid dream I had following my father's death. Sorry to be morbid, but I was deeply touched   •   Absolutely INCREDIBLE WORK...!!!   •   I really like your pictures, the one at 'pictures' with the adult and child in blue is really beautiful. It really touched me.   •   These images are beautiful... You are truly gifted...   •   Man, I love your work... Amazing!   •   Your photos are not only agreeable to the eye but thought-provoking as well, beautiful stuff!   •   Simply beautiful...Soft, colorful but also very sharp...Un tour de force artistic.   •   I just stop by to show you some love and to tell you that I am really fond of your workman and I really love your spirit and your actions.   •   merci pour le "add " and instant fav' big man and big woman, dancing Jamaica...great work   •   YOU ARE A VERY SENSITIVE PHOTOGRAPHER AND I REALLY LOVE ALL OF YOUR PICTURES ABOUT PEOPLE;    •   Rondi's, I love the picture of the Wise One the two lizards regenerating life. May your eyes never fail to see the artistic beauty in all things...thanks for inviting me into your gallery of life/creation   •   positive, versatile, beautiful--your art and your work inspire!   •   Thank you for finding me:) I'm glad to discover your world of creativity. I wish you the very best and send you loads of positive vibes. Amazing page! you are just so talented!   •   Respect so much your work, the purity of your art, your beautiful soul I am honored to be your friend   •   our work has such depth and beauty, really profound.   •   If I was rich, I would buy every single photograph! I lose myself in your work sometimes. Wow.   •   Some people don't know the meaning of Real... honestly what is Real??? Real is the God-given talent that has an unlimited imagination, visuals, dreams, and fantasies.. Now that’s real. And most of all I love what you have given us a part of you that comes from God now how fortunate are we... keep living the life that is Art...- Your work is splendid and releases much emotion. All the feelings and sensations mix.   •   Simply put, you work is brilliant. Your interpretation of nature is innovative. Vivid, bold, more of a step into surreal yet firmly rooting in the real   •   You are a uniquely talented individual & your work is magnificent. What a keen eye you possess! I can hear voices stemming from some of your photos, stories emanating from expressions. That is the work of a True Artist.   •   Rondi, thanks for stopping by and wanting to be friends. I love what you're doing! Your photos go well beyond beauty; they breathe with the soft exhalation of a lover.   •   No words can express what you've done, because you've already done it. Keep up this work that makes me speechless, and thank you.   •   Wow! I could spend hours just looking at your page! It's absolutely beautiful. And so alive!!!   •   All I have to say is thank You for sharing such an extraordinary collection.   •   Keep finding myself coming back to see more. Your artwork has such a major pull. Truly amazing beauty is captured within each piece. All so unique.   •   wow. Beautiful artwork... I always try to be creative with mine... but you are the epitome of true art.   •   Your work inspires me in ways that would make God smile....thank you for is appreciated greatly!!!   •   Your work is exceptional; you really have an eye for the soul.   •   yo it is crazy l8 I gotta sing in da mawnin' but I viewed your page and your art is breathtaking simply put but really I can't even describe the connection I get the colors it is like summer that is what I feel looking at your work keep shining light into darkness   • Its people like you that make myspace a positive thing! Also...I love the lizards....but then...I have a thing for lizards.   •   hello, Mr.POTTINGER! your work here is outstanding... beautiful. you're capturing the beauty of every situation. the way a true artist does!   •   oh, and I don't know much about photography, but I'm guessing your work is pretty good, and I mean that as an understatement.   •   your work is inspiring and mystical: What a Blessing,   •   Beautiful, provocative imagery, Rondi!   •   Your work is awesome to the 10th power!   •   my God, you are talented...   •   beautiful work....simply beautiful   •   Receiving your friend request was as refreshingly sweet as the stories that your beautiful works of art evoke... You have the talent of historic proportions! Stay blessed!   •   Your perception of the connection between nature and beauty is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for making me smile.   •   Your pictures are beautiful artwork Rondi! I would like to see your collection here in Italy. For sure I’ll talk about you. It's a pleasure to be your friend...   •     I have only recently added you as my friend, but I am in love with your work! You have inspired me to pursue my passion for photography. Love your creativity.   •   This is the best photography that has been bestowed upon my eyes. Thank you for adding me.  I'm already a fan.   •   What could the world be without Art & Beauty?  It is a pleasure to have discovered your work   •   I can see your eyes and the images are beautiful, inspirational, majestic, loving, peaceful, joyful, family, conscious, everything positive   •   You are absolutely on point, you do bring out the soul in the picture. I love your imagery. I love photos because they say so much but your added effects it add an extra layer another element of interest.   •   What amazing images   •   wow! Any plans to come to London   •     Once again, your work is truly inspirational. It shows creativity and control I love to master.  it's a reflection of your soul keep doing what you do best and that's staying number one in my book.   •   I am sure you've heard it all. It's just amazing your work...and that’s an understatement.   •   Your one of a kind.  Your style and layout and your own personality come out so carefree and I wish you all the best and would love to see what comes of your art.   •   Thank you Rondi, and don't stay away too long...  

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